For overseas orders For overseas orders
 海外からのご注文の方!  海外からのご注文の方!

For overseas orders

1.The goods you're wishing are chosen.
2."It's put in a cart." a button is pressed. A shopping basket is indicated.
3.The displayed contents of a shopping basket are confirmed and the button I "advance towards an order screen" is pressed.
4.After confirming the confirmation matter in case of purchase, a person of member unregistration agrees,", a button is pressed.
5.Client information is input.
6.A method of payment is designated. (When paying with a credit card, card information is input.)
7.The order contents are checked lastly and the wild boar which "fixes the order contents" is pressed.
8.Order completion.

You can apply for a shopping by our site anytime for 24 hours.

※ Delivery traders limit shipping off of goods to foreign countries to a Japanese postal service.
※ The payment when ordering, from foreign countries will be a Paypal (corresponding to overseas sending) chisel. (Prepayment)
※ The following charge for delivery will be addition for shipping off to foreign countries.
Asia(uniformity of 3000 yen)
Oceania North America, Central America, the Near and Middle East and Europe (uniformity of 4000 yen)
South America and Africa (uniformity of 5000 yen)
The customs duties by the overseas delivery in a customer burden, please.

It's delivered in EMS of Japanese mail.
Please refer to this for a shipping off possible country.
※ It's different in a lead time depending on areas, so you make confirmation in a designation delivery date make a contact from here.

※ In mailing it after your order about the number of days even I begin to deliver and the delivery cost, it'll be the shape that I'll inform you.
※ Further I'm not accepting about return and an exchange, so please accept it beforehand.